Converge at Work

Recognizing the complexity and multidimensionality of issues related to human resource development and human capital in the biomedical, behavioral science and high demand STEM fields, Converge is guided by the conceptual and analytical framework below. Converge works across multiple disciplines and sectors within which critical issues and questions are addressed at analytically distinct levels.

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Focus areas within which Converge works include:

  • Industry Sector
    • Health
    • STEM
  • Social Institutions
    • Education
    • Economy
    • Legal
  • Strategic Responses
    • Communications
    • Public policy
    • Programs and practice

Converge’s major activities are:

  • Knowledge Building
    • Synthesize information from multiple sources
    • Inventory and assess programs and resources
    • Conduct empirical, scientific research
    • Use a multidisciplinary approach
    • Create conceptual frameworks that are universally applicable
  • Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination
    • Utilize multiple media to share information
    • Engage researchers, practitioners and policy makers as users and adopters
  • Convening
    • Engage experts and leaders from a broad range of sectors
    • Provide a forum for dedicated, issue-focused dialogue and deliberation
  • Capacity Building
    • Create opportunities for individual professional development
    • Provide training and technical assistance to a range of constituents
    • Focus on sustainability and longitudinal accountability