Works in Progress

Indexes and Catalogues

  Converge and its constituents have pointed to more than 100 resources and references that have been annotated into a single “working” document: a topical Annotated Bibliography
  Converge has gathered hundreds—and ultimately thousands—of inclusion- and diversity-related resources thus far that are available in a searchable online e-Library, which is continuously augmented.

Research Studies

  The RIA: Implement, Study, Refine and Disseminate involves concurrent project implementation and evaluative activities to refine the Reflection in Action: Building Healthy CommunitiesTM (RIA) model for dissemination and replication. Located in the Office for Diversity and Community Partnership (DCP), RIA is designed to inspire Boston and Cambridge, Mass. middle and high school students about individual and community health, and to translate these improvements into engagement in civic action. Simultaneous implementation and evaluative research will significantly extend what is known about the conditions under which results and outcomes are produced by RIA. Funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.
  Understanding Pathways to Academic Medical Careers study examines the factors influencing the DCP's Visiting Clerkship Program (VCP) alumni’s retention and advancement in academic medicine and clinical research careers, as well as the attainment of VCP objectives. Funded through a grant from the Office of Minority Health in the US Department of Health and Human Services.
  Understanding Pathways to Biomedical Research Careers study examines the educational and career pathways of nearly 3,000 Biomedical Science Careers Program (BSCP) participants since joining the BSCP network, which provides students of all races, ethnic backgrounds, gender and financial status with the encouragement, support and guidance needed for the successful pursuit of careers in biomedical sciences. Funded through a grant from the National Institutes of Health.