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Converge is committed to:

  • Research that is scientifically rigorous, and (re)conceptualizes and (re)investigates key questions
  • Policy that is results-driven, targeted and promotes social equity
  • Practice that is transparent and accountable
  • Programs that produce measurable and sustainable results, build capacity, and become exemplars of promising and best practices
  • Communication that promotes cross-group dialogue and engages the public
  • Knowledge Building to synthesize information from multiple sources and create conceptual frameworks that are universally applicable
  • Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination to engage researchers, practitioners and policy makers as users and adopters
  • Engaging broad base stakeholders representing multiple perspectives
  • Capacity Building to provide training and technical assistance to a range of constituents
  • Dissemination that is broad and accessible to the public


Converge utilizes the scientist-practitioner model that integrates theory, research and practice to address workforce diversity, human resource development, and human capital in the biomedical, behavioral science, and high demand STEM fields. This model places strong emphasis on “doing with and through understanding” where the reciprocal learning and exchanges are the sources of these understandings. Converge provides multiple forums for its stakeholders from fields such as health, education, law, policy, communications, and social sciences to build a learning community.

Converge is housed within the Harvard Medical School (HMS) Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership.  HMS has a long-standing commitment to diversity and community outreach, as exemplified by student, curricula and faculty development, as well as pipeline programs and initiatives. Recognizing its individual and collective responsibility to society, its patients and its community, HMS is committed to the recruitment, retention and promotion of a diverse, culturally competent workforce prepared to assure that excellent clinical care is provided and appropriate research is conducted within its institutions.  HMS recently revised its mission statement to reflect its commitment to diversity: To create and nurture a diverse community of the best people committed to leadership in alleviating human suffering caused by disease.


Converge’s goal is to build a knowledge base and training mechanism for sustained capacity building and decision making that enhances workforce diversity and human resource development.

Through its cumulative knowledge and capacity-building strategies, Converge is dedicated to addressing the foregoing issues.